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Digital Nomad at TAPP (The Alicia Panoramic Park) 400 MASL| DIY/SOLO Travel and Camping Guide

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

panoramic view
Nomad Engineer at TAPP

TAPP or The Alicia Panoramic Park is one of the underrated beauty of Bohol. That's right! Bohol is dominated by the over-hyped destinations such as Virgin Island, Panglao, Chocolate Hills, Man-made Forest, Loboc River and more. Don't get me wrong, those are definitely paradise-like beauty and I won't argue with that. But if you take a step back and see Bohol on a different angle, you'll see that this little island has so much more to offer.

Although TAPP is gaining popularity right now through social media, the number of visitors is still too few compared to the main destinations in Bohol. It can be because of it's accessibility which is a bit far from the city or maybe because of the need to hike which is a challenge for some unlike walking on the beach, whatever is the reason, I believe that this place deserves a huge shoutout!

So here's my DIY travel guide that can hopefully help spread the beauty of TAPP and help the locals (guides, resident vendors) and the underrated beauties in Bohol gain popularity.

Primary Considerations for Camping:

  1. Elevation and Difficulty TAPP has an elevation of only 400 meters above sea level (MASL), which is a minor climb. When you have an active lifestyle, this can be a basic climb for you, but it can be a bit of a challenge for those who are new to hiking. So, make sure to have a few preparations prior to the day of your hike.

  2. Trekking Duration Typically, the hike will only last around an hour, as mentioned by Kuya Tata (the guide). One thing to remember, though, is that it's not the length of the trek that matters most, but reaching the peak safely should be the utmost priority. It's not the least time you've spent but the moments you've enjoyed during the hike that matters most!

  3. Trail Condition SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! There are very few trees along the trail, so expect some sunburn if you have no protective gear or sunscreen. The whole trail is also covered with tall 'cogon' grass, which can irritate your skin, so make sure to bring some cover.

  4. Water Source There is no drinkable water source on the campsite nor in the middle of the trail so make sure to bring with you enough water specially for overnight camping.

  5. Campsite The campsite is on it's peak so you will be able to see TAPP's 360 view both day and night. The wind can be strong due to the campsite's location and can become really cold. There are no trees as well that can help cover during the rain rather than your tent's rain cover.

  6. Safety Well trained and capable guides are required when you hike at TAPP. They also stay overnight when guests decide to camp there and bring their own tents whenever necessary. Since the whole mountains are covered with 'cogon' grass, please be responsible not to cause wild fire when cooking. Dried grass can catch fire so easily specially on summer days.

Here are some highlights of my camping at TAPP

How To Get There:

When you are coming to Bohol via airplane, there is a public transport from Panglao International Airport that goes directly to Dao Bus Terminal of Tagbilaran City. Fare as of writing is 80php.

When you are coming to Bohol via boat to Tagbilaran City, the easiest way is to ride a tricycle that's waiting at the port's passenger bay which will bring you to Dao Bus Terminal. The fare is 30php but you'll have to wait 2-3 more passengers before they depart. There will also be some detours given there are other passengers depending on which is the nearest.

But there is an alternative, you will have to walk your way out of the port until you reach the intersection where Ocean Jet ticketing office is located. From there, wait for empty tricycles passing by and ask to bring you to Dao Bus Terminal. Fare is still 30php but at least you won't have to wait longer and will have lesser detours.

From Dao Bus Terminal, you can ride a Ceres bus going to Alicia Public Market which will take around 4-5hrs or choose to ride a van which is considerably faster. The waiting time though in the terminal when you choose to ride a van might be a bit longer (approximately 30mins) but the travel time can be a lot faster.

Drop off at Alicia Public Market where you can have a meal and buy essentials for your hike like water, trail food and more. From there, you can ride a habal-habal going to the registration booth of TAPP or arrange with your guide to meet you there.

Once you arrive at the registration booth, fill-up some registration forms with 30php fee and you're all set!

Note: It can be difficult to locate the exact pin on TAPP's registration booth for those who are on private or DIY transport. To help you with that, this is the pinned location that you can follow:

There is an intersection few meters after this rice mill building. Just follow it until the end where you can see the registration booth around 2-3km away.


Here are my expenses for the whole trip.

150php - Van from Dimiao to Alicia

100php - Lunch at Alicia Public Market

200php - Trail food and dinner

150php - Habal habal ride from market to registration booth

30php - Registration fee

500php - Guide fee

200php - Bus from Alicia to Tagbilaran City

Useful contacts:

Hiking Guide:

Name: Kuya Tata (Marlo Bantilan)

Number: 09109415371

Habal-habal Driver (Alicia):

Name: Kuya Albert Number: 09352603975

Car Rental Service:

Misha Bohol Car Rental

Name: Pevi Anne Arbutante

Number: 09276153089

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