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Hi! Welcome to my site!


My name is Mier. I'm a computer engineer, entrepreneur, and I embarked on my journey as a digital nomad in 2022.


This site covers three major aspects of my life: travel, work, and farming. It's challenging, yet amazing to see how I'm able to balance these three areas, which helps me shift my focus and relieve stress. I understand that nowadays, people and professionals are really struggling to achieve the work-life balance that is often preached by recruiters and companies. I myself had been wondering what that term really feels like until I decided to start living this lifestyle. Since then, I've never been happier and more fulfilled in my life.


Now, I hope that more and more people, especially young professionals, will be able to find their purpose in life while maintaining a balance in the present. I hope that through this, I can share my experiences and that you can find ideas to apply or use as a reference in your own lives.

I'm excited to explore the world of possibilities and unexpected challenges, which are filled with adventures and lessons. I look forward to meeting and learning about different cultures, not just in the Philippines but around the world. I'll share everything I learn on this journey, the things I do to maintain this lifestyle, and the reasons that motivated me to start and continue it.

sunset with nomad engr markings
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Free Range Chicken Farm
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