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About Me

Hi, I'm Mier and welcome to my page.

I am a computer engineer, entrepreneur and a digital nomad. For 7 years of working in the IT industry, I always wondered what is life outside my home-office-home routine everyday. Whether there are opportunities that will allow me to travel the world without letting my income suffer. 

The desperation to have less stressful life and the truth that I needed money not just for me but also for my family brought me to this lifestyle today. I dug countless YouTube videos sharing ways to earn extra income and read multiple financial books in the hopes of finding the answer to my need.

Not until this pandemic hit the world that made me realize I've been looking everywhere but just to find out that the answer was right in front of me. This pandemic has evidently taken so much from many of us but also proven one of the many things that we thought were not possible. The ability and possibility to work at home yet still deliver the same as in offices or even better. 

In this page, I will share with you all my learnings in this new journey that I decided to take. Join me as I travel the world as a digital nomad and explore different cultures. I'll share with you as well all the lessons and tips that I will learn as I sail through this infinite possibility.


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