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DIY Travel Guide to Mt. Kalugong (budget: 152php/2.9usd) | Nomad Life - Baguio City

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

"Saan aabot ang ### pesos mo?" A very popular tagline for many budget travelers that I've watched in social media so I thought why not try it myself? This hike cost me 152php in total which I'll share with you the breakdown and how to get there in a DIY style.

So, let's get down to it!

Overview: Mt. Kalugong is located at the town of La Trinidad, Benguet just a few minutes away from Baguio City. You can immediately see her beautiful rock formations just at the back of the state campus while you are at the town proper of La Trinidad. The trek is very simple, will take about 20-30 minutes, with concrete road from the highway and very accessible with four-wheeled vehicles. There is also a coffee shop and restaurant where you can grab some bites or have some refreshments but I suggest you bring your own food if you want to keep your expenses low.

sitting at the top of the rock

How to get there: This guide will start from Baguio City going to Mt. Kalugong 1. Because I am living 3km away from town, I had to take a jeepney ride from Bakakeng Sur to Town proper of Baguio City. (Cost: 12php) 2. From town proper, walk to Magsaysay Jeepney Terminal near Center Mall, located at the other side of the public market when you are in Maharlika building. (Cost: bunch of calories) 3. From there ride a jeepney going to La Trinidad. Make sure it passes to Kalugong Road (drop off to Mt. Kalugong itself). Tip: Don't hesitate to ask the very friendly drivers in Baguio City. (Cost: 14php) 4. From the jeepney drop-off point, start your quick trek to the summit. (Cost: more calories) 5. When you reach the Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village, you need to pay the registration fee. (Cost: 100php)

What to do and expect in Mt. Kalugong:

1. Majestic Rock Formations

Your hike to Mt. Kalugong won't be complete without climbing to the top of its breathtaking rock formations where instagrammable shots await.

caution: careful on deep rock holes and sharp edges

2. DIY Camping Spending a night at peace is one of my next todo list here in this beautiful place. Camping is open and for free as long as you stay as a responsible camper. They also offer tent rental for 150php. Just ask the owner of AJ Foodhauz if you wish to rent. 3. Glamping

If glamping is your thing, they also have few hut rental available. Don't expect a very glamorous hut though but still will surely give you great experience. 4. Swings

Enjoying the view while sitting or lying down is good but I can't deny the fun with a swing! And there's more swings around to choose so don't worry about having no vacant for you.

5. Wide View of La Trinidad Well, the view alone when you are at the top speaks for itself, doesn't it?

wide view of mountains

6. Kalugong Kape-an (Coffee Shop) This is one of the most wanted place to visit when people talks about Mt. Kalugong. The perfectly hidden coffee shop that offers refreshments and meals for hikers. With of course, the overlooking view of La Trinidad. The prices here ranges from 150 to 250php.

7. Dine at AJ Foodhauz If you get hungry after the hike, exploration and taking snapshots of the gorgeous mountain, you can also dine at AJ Foodhauz which serves silog meals and hot/cold beverages. Their meals ranges from 150 to 210php. 8. Forest Bathing Studies show that walking in a forest or even staying just under a tree can significantly reduce stress and depressions. How much more with lot's of pines in the area?

How to get back to Baguio City: 1. Simply make your way down to the highway where you dropped-off and wait for jeepneys to pass and make sure to inform the driver you are going to Baguio City. (Cost: 14php) 2. Enjoy the town proper of Baguio City before going back to your hotel. 3. For me, I needed to ride another jeepney going back to my place in Bakakeng Sur. (Cost: 12php)

Total Cost: 152 php Optional Expenses: 1. Brewed Coffee: 50php 2. Lemonade: 175php

Enjoy Mt. Kalugong, take more photos and bring more memories with you! But above all, be sure to leave no trash in the area and let us all be responsible travelers. Stay tuned for more and connect with me through my social media below.


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