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Forgiveness | Life Lessons from a 28 years old Computer Engineer

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Thinking woman

Forgiveness is freedom. And freeing ourselves from pain and resentment can give us extra room for love. And obviously love is good. It brings peace, joy and strengthens our relationship with people around us.

Take that from someone who grew up with hatred and disappointments to the people around him. For years I questioned the things that happened to me and blame everyone other than me. I always told myself that it’s their fault that I’m in this situation. But the reality is it’s the choices that we made brought us to where we are. Maybe we were born in an unfortunate circumstance but when we are old enough to make our own decisions, it’s not right to keep pointing fingers to them anymore rather it’s time to start doing something to change what we don’t want in our lives.

One common thing that most of us do is putting the blame to our parents for not doing enough. Yes, it may not be enough for you but it’s the best thing that they can think of doing for us with the best of their ability (except those who run away from their responsibilities of course). The difference now is the convenience that they never had before. One good example is education which is a bit late for them that’s why most parents’ dream is for their children to get a degree. So instead of throwing stones to them that may crumple your relationship even more, why don’t we start pampering them with love and support that they unconditionally given us in the first place.

I also realized that the truth is, we put the blame on them because we wanted more but we are too lazy, too tired, or too dependent to put the effort on making that happen.



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