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Custom Travel Guide in Bohol | Best Adventures that Typical Tour Packages Do Not Offer - Part 1

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

When you search about tour packages in Bohol, the typical destinations that they offer are the famous statues and spots that are just near the city. The problem about this type of itinerary is that most of the tourist, specially those who love adventures, won't be able to experience the different flavors of Bohol aside from beautiful beaches, friendly people, and laidback and peaceful ambiance.

That's why as a local here, whenever I have friends who want to visit or even just ask for suggestions, I wanted them to experience the hidden treasures that would really make them love Bohol even more. So when my best friends from Cebu decided to pay me a visit and wanted to tour around my beautiful province, without hesitations, I immediately suggested these destinations.

Danao Sea Of Clouds

For you to enjoy the full scenery of Danao Sea of Clouds, I highly suggest to be there before sunrise. Although we got there a bit late, our adventure begun with a little warm up hike to the hills of Danao that greets you with the beautiful spread of clouds over it's town. Thin layer of clouds was left but the sight is still so relaxing to watch that makes me wish to see it every day.

Danao Adventure Park (E.A.T. Danao)

Intense rides and high level of adrenaline adventures are waiting for you in this hidden gem of Bohol! From the chilling vibe of cable car to a sudden-death feeling of the 70 meter free fall ride called 'The Plunge', this place can really fill the bucket of most adventure seekers.

As of writing, these are the available rides that they offer together with its rates:

  1. The plunge (70m Free Fall) - ₱700.00

  2. Zipline - ₱350.00

  3. Giant Swing - ₱500.00 solo, ₱800.00 tandem

  4. The Sky Ride (Cable Car) - ₱250.00 per person

Please visit their official FB page for the most updated rates and adventures: @

Checkout one of the highlights in our trip: The Plunge

Chocolate Hills Viewing

Considered to be the 'Eighth Wonder of the World' and what makes Bohol so special, Chocolate Hills is unarguably a must visit for all tourist that's coming to my province.

A sight of this beautiful formation makes me think how nature works perfectly and hopes that everyone can appreciate and help preserve it.

Chocolate Hills ATV Ride

Standing at the top of one of the hills in this beautiful landscape is one thing but driving around is much more! Although I'm warning you, be prepared to get wet and splashed with dirt and mud but come on, more dirt more fun right!? It's even more fun when you ride with more friends and even strangers too!

The ride will take 1 hour, although you can choose half an hour for half of its price, with a muddy and bumpy track that allows you to pass through valleys of the famous chocolate hills. No worries my friend because the ATV is customized so that all, including those who don't know how to drive like myself, can do it. Piece of cake! I guarantee you!

Man-Made Forest

On the way back from the famous chocolate hills, you will pass a rainforest that stretches for a couple of kilometers. This is one of the preserved man-made forest of Bohol that is now home for most of the wildlife in this province. You can take a quick photoshoot on any of the dedicated stops along the road but always stay cautious with the passing vehicles. Safety should still be the utmost importance.

Dinner @C-Wall

After a full day of energy draining activities, we cannot let our day end without a feast. Luckily there's a restaurant just a short turn in our way home that is perfect for our growling tummies. You will surely fall in love with its perfect seaside location that allows you to breath the relaxing sea breeze and mesmerized by the stunning sunset but above all, with its delicious and mouth-watering dishes.

In summary, this is our custom itinerary for the whole trip:

05:00 am    -    Pickup Time
07:00 am    -    Arrived at Danao Sea of Clouds
09:00 am    -    Danao Adventure Park
12:00 nn    -    Lunch at Carmen Public Market
01:00 pm    -    Chocolate Hills Viewing
01:30 pm    -    ATV Ride
04:00 pm    -    Man-made Forest
05:30 pm    -    Dinner at CWall


  1. Van Rental: They are very flexible depending on your preferences FB: Bohol Private Car Rental -with Driver Link:

  2. Make sure to have a target restaurant for lunch because there are less fast foods in Danao and Carmen area.

  3. Best to arrive at sunrise in Danao Sea of Clouds to have the best experience.

  4. Make sure to bring extra shirt and slippers/shoes when you decide to do the ATV ride.


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